February 3, 2024
University Park, PA
by Marty Mazur

The final meet of the 2024 Indoor Mile Series had a great turnout, with even faster times than the year's earlier meets. Due to the running of the 3K, the fast heat of the mile was moved up to the first heat. Nathan Allen, a first-timer to the this year's series, easily outpaced the field finishing in 4:26.32. Nathan would have been a contender for the overall Series prize for best-of-two-times if he'd run another race this year! Scott Wallace sewed up the Series Men's Masters crown by finishing second in 4:29.92. And Vince Fadale, though finishing third in today's race in 4:31.84, took the overall Series crown on the strength of his previous outings.

In the second heat, Justin Waraniak easily outpaced the field, finishingin 5:01.08. Nicholas Hayes was second in 5:13.29, and Sean Devlin took third in 5:22.34. Carly Shea wrapped up her Women's Masters Series crown by finishing first among the females in that heat in 5:31.58, close to her Women's Masters Record time of 5:31.48 set last week.

In the third heat, Alexis Ebersole, who says she ran for Altoona High some years ago and hadn't been on the track since, ran away from the field to finish in 5:17.90. She really didn't know how it would go today and had put down a seed time of 5:45! If she'd run another Series Races, she would likely have taken the Series crown. Needless to say, she had a big smile on her face the entire final quarter mile in her cruise to the finish. Pat Sabol was second in 6:04.61, and Matt Smith took third in 6:07.49.

The 3K race is for the die-hards. It's often the case that much of the field is doing the mile-3K double, so hard core runners. Vince Fadale showed his signature kick, tearing through the last 2 laps after running in second place for much of the race and going on to win in 9:27.23. Zach Mitarotonda was second in 9:39.51, and Charles Wood was third in 9:49.69. Sean Devlin was the top Men's Masters finisher in 10:09.55. The top woman was Jodi Patterson in 11:05.73. Carly Shea was the top Women's Master in 11:08.52.


                                                       Nathan Allen turned in the fastest time of the Series this year to win today's mile.

Alexis Ebersole ran the fastest women's time of this year's Series to take Heat 3.

Scott Wallace (l) and Vince Fadale (r) won the Men's Masters and Men's Open Series crowns with their runs today.

Jodi Patterson (l), Carly Shea (c) and Holly Passetti (3) were the three top female finishers in Heat 2

Justin Waraniak winner of Heat 2

Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
  1    Nathan Allen            4:26.32
  2    Scott Wallace           4:29.92 (M)
  3    Vince Fadale            4:31.84
  4    Liam Goldsworthy        4:33.33
  5    Owen Strickler          4:36.33
  6    Ben Wheatley            4:36.65
  7    Charles Wood            4:38.12
  8    Zach Mitarotonda        4:40.10
  9    Landon Faulkner         4:41.93
 10    Cam Mallett             4:46.94
 11    Steven Barnard          4:57.22

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
  1    Justin Waraniak         5:01.08
  2    Nicholas Hayes          5:13.29
  3    Sean Devlin             5:22.34 (M)
  4    Tyler Brown             5:29.94
  5    Carly Shea              5:31.58 (M)
  6    Jodi Patterson          5:32.59
  7    Holly Passetti          5:32.83
  8    Owen Lomotan            5:39.16

Heat 3

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
  1    Alexis Ebersole         5:17.90
  2    Pat Sabol               6:04.61    
  3    Matt Smith              6:07.49 (M)
  4    Aiden Gagne             6:26.74
  5    Lillie Nye              6:29.37
  6    Lena Chamberlain        6:42.39
  7    Nick Gavran             6:49.06
  8    Hannah Ruisi            6:57.44
  9    Bob Ferguson            7:12.95 (M)

3000 Meter Run

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
  1    Vince Fadale            9:27.23
  2    Zach Mitarotonda        9:39.51
  3    Charles Wood            9:49.69
  4    Landon Faulkner         9:52.64
  5    Sean Devlin            10:09.55 (M)
  6    Timothy Brandt         10:15.32
  7    Ben Wheatley           10:30.57
  8    Jodi Patterson         11:05.73
  9    Carly Shea             11:08.52 (M)
 10    Tyler Brown            11:19.52
 11    Holly Passetti         11:55.29
 12    Matt Smith             12:12.17 (M)
 13    Lillie Nye             14:06.26

 (M) Masters Runner