January 25, 2019
University Park, PA

The second meet of the 2019 Indoor Mile Series brought a new record, but it wasn't an easy one. The Series has had so many records broken in the last few years that there isn't much low-hanging fruit. But in the second heat, Newly-minted Women's Master Jaimie Wright broke Meira Minard's five year old record for the Club Women's Masters Mile by nearly two seconds.

The first heat was a majority Masters running. Perri Silverhart was the only non-silverhair and she won the heat, barely missing going sub-6 in 6:00:09. Nathan Piekelek was second in 6:06:80, and Tara Murray was third in 6:27.36, beating her time in the first meet by about 4 seconds.

In the second heat, also mostly Masters runners, Dom Wyzomirski won in 5:31.21, but his was not to be the fastest Men's Masters time of the day. In second came Mark Hawkins in 5:32.68. Third place went to non-Master Keith Davies in 5:33.64. Jaimie Wright hung on to those leaders to put in the best Women's Masters time in 5 years, and a new Club record of 5:35.81.

The third heat saw one runner finish sub-5. Jack Williamson won going away in 4:54.57. Second was Shundai Li, who turned in the fastest Men's Masters time of the day, 5:03.83, about two-and-a-half seconds faster than his previous outing. Third was Zachary Zydonik in 5:12.03.

The fast heat saw the renewal of the inters-quad rivalry withing the Penn State Men's Cross-Country Club. David Kennedy, who was third two weeks ago, came in first this time in 4:33.56, almost two seconds faster than his last outing. Matt Balogh, despite running a good second faster than last time, was again second this week in 4:35.02. And Michael Walro, first place finisher in the last meet, dropped to third in 4:35.31, despite running nearly a second faster that his last try. This trio will have one more try at the distance. Right now, the Series leader (combined best two times) is Walro, with 9:09.93, followed by Kennedy (9:10.08) and then Balogh (9:11.34). But watch out for Nicholas Deamer, who took over 8 seconds off his time of last week to finish just behind Walro today. It should be a good final race!

Next week's race is on Saturday morning and will feature, besides heats of the mile, a 3K race and a Predicted Time Contest in the mile. Sign up by Wednesday!

pix indoormile 19 2 wright

Jaimie Wright strives for the finish line and a new Women's Masters record (Photo by John Balogh).

More photos courtesy of John Balogh here.

Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1. Perri Silverhart         6:00.09     
 2. Nathan Piekielek         6:06.80 (M)
 3. Tara Murray              6:27.36 (M)
 4. Marty Klanchar           6:35.37 (M)
 5. Phillip Pillin           6:44.51 (M)
 6. Wilma DePiore            7:10.01 (M)
 7. David Lloyd              7:17.01 (M)

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1. Dom Wyzomirski           5:31.21 (M)
 2. Mark Hawkins             5:32.68 (M)
 3. Keith Davies             5:33.64     
 4. Jaimie Wright            5:35.81 (MR)
 5. Don Bond                 5:38.31 (M)
 6. Joey Stoltz              5:52.81     
 7. Joe Harvatine            5:53.46 (M)
 8. Erica Pitcavage          5:54.52     
 9. Dean Capone              5:55.70     
10. Keith Henderson          5:56.37 (M)

Heat 3

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1. Jack Williamson         4:54.57     
 2. Shundai Li               5:03.83 (M)
 3. Zachary Zydonik         5:12.03     
 4. Nathan Reese             5:13.36     
 5. Anish Sathe             5:13.67     
 6. Brody McElwain          5:14.04     
 7. Andrea Pettit            5:55.37     
Heat 4

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1. David Kennedy           4:33.56     
 2. Matt Balogh             4:35.02     
 3. Michael Walwro           4:35.31     
 4. Nicholas Deamer         4:35.74     
 5. Matthew Maiale          4:39.30     
 6. Joshua Forrest           4:41.31     
 7. Jigar Gosalia           4:41.41     
 8. Ryan Clark               4:45.52     
 9. Dan Kelly               4:46.42     
10. Joshua Velez            4:48.22     
11. Raymond Friend          4:51.62     
12. Griffin Stibor         5:01.53   

M - Indicates Masters (40 and over) runner
R - Indicates NVRC Indoor Mile Series Record