February 2, 2019
University Park, PA

The final meet of the 2019 Indoor Mile Series was a great way to cap off the season. The big event of the evening ended up being the 3000 meter run. But to get there, a few athletes who ran both the mile and the 3K had to run their mile heat, and a few of them had a lot on the line in the earlier races.

The mile heats were run in the reverse of the usual order in order to give the faster runners more of a rest between their mile and their 3K. The first heat was the fast heat, and going in to this morning's race, there were three athletes running neck and neck for the Series crown (best of two times). But Matt Balogh called in sick today, and David Kennedy ran away from the field, including Series leader Mike Walro, to win the race in 4:30.84. With that he took the best mile time of this year's Series, and captured the overall crown with a combined best-two of 9:04.40. Second in the heat was Dan Gorski in 4:40.85, and Nicholas Deamer was third 4:41.19. The Series leader until today, Mike Walro, finished 4th in 4:41.69.

The second heat saw Sean Theoclitus win in 4:51.18. Jack Williamson was second in 4:55.65, and Austin Sperl took third in 4:57.63.

In the third heat, Dom Wyzomirski ran a great race to finish first in 5:31.79. Jaimie Wright, who set a new Women's Masters Series record in the mile last week, took second in 5:42.12. Jaimie's time was fast enough to gain her the Series Masters Women's title, but not quite enough to set a Series best-of-two record, which is still held by Meira Minard. Third place went to Joe Harvatine in 5:47.77.

The fourth heat was small this time. Perri Silverhart was the only runner to go under 6 minutes, winning in 5:58.67. Second place went to Sibusiso Cliff Ndlangamandla, a first-time participant in the mile, in 6:14.73. Michael Goldfine says this is last time, but he wanted his swan song to be a good one. He took third in 6:22.20.

The 3K heat started out huge. Twenty-two runners signed up, and most of them made it to the starting line, including Coreen Steinbach, the Series Women's Masters record holder. But not all finished, including Coreen. But in the course of the race, another Series record was set by Jaimie Wright, who took the Women's Masters record, finishing in 11:36.54. Jaimie was also the fastest woman overall. The 3K men's title went to Brian Petraco in 9:14.10. Second was Jigar Gosalia in 9:18.70, and third went to David Kennedy, maybe just a bit tired from his torrid mile, and finishing in 9:25.56.

The predicted time contest in the mile was won by Joe Harvatine, whos time of 5:47.77 was just 0.23 seconds off his predicted time of 5:48.

We had another great season, and the records keep coming even though none of them are easy anymore!

pix indoormile 19 kennedy

There was nobody is sight behind David Kennedy as he finished the fast heat of the mile.

pix indoormile 19 goldfine

Michael Goldfine gets ready for his swan song in Heat 4.

pix indoormile 19 3Kstart

The field for the 3K was huge!

pix indoormile 19 wright

Jaimie Wright took the Women's Masters record in the 3K, her second record in two weeks!

Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    David Kennedy            4:30.84     
 2.    Dan Gorski               4:40.85
 3.    Nicholas Deamer          4:41.19
 4.    Mike Walro               4:41.69
 5.    Francisco Archibald      4:42.31
 6.    Dan Kelly                4:43.20
 7.    Matthew Maiale           4:44.68
 8.    Ross Harps               4:46.72
 9.    Ian Adams                4:47.93
10.    Jake McKenna             4:49.91
11.    Ryan Clark               4:52.59

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Sean Theoclitus          4:51.18
 2.    Jack Williamson          4:55.65
 3.    Austin Sperl             4:57.63
 4.    Nathan Reese             5:11.54
 5.    Sean Farahani            5:14.27
 6.    Anish Sathe              5:17.17

Heat 3

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Dom Wyzomirski           5:31.79 (M)
 2.    Jaimie Wright            5:42.12 (M)
 3.    Joe Harvatine            5:47.77 (M)
 4.    Molly Holmes             5:50.07
 5.    Erica Pitcavage          5:54.78
 6.    Nathan Piekielek         5:55.08
 7.    Jessica Myrick           5:58.02
 8.    Tess Wright              6:06.28     

Heat 4

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Perri Silverhart         5:58.67
 2.    Sibusiso Cliff
       Ndlangamandla            6:14.73
 3.    Michael Goldfine         6:22.20 (M)
 4.    Marty Klanchar           6:33.92 (M)
 5.    David Lloyd              7:13.82 (M)

3000 Meter Run

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Brian Petraco            9:14.10
 2.    Jigar Gosalia            9:18.70
 3.    David Kennedy            9:25.56
 4.    Joshua Velez             9:29.16
 5.    Ross Harps               9:39.25
 6.    Nicholas Deamer          9:49.36
 7.    Shundai Li              10:01.31 (M)
 8.    Francisco Archibald     10:01.68
 9.    Matthew Maiale          10:01.97
10.    Mike Walro              10:11.42
11.    Jack Williamson         10:22.11   
12.    Brody McElwain          10:26.62
13.    Jaimie Wright           11:36.54 (MR)
14.    Joey Stolts             11:37.90
15.    Keith Henderson         12:30.01 (M)

M - Indicates Masters (40 and over) runner
R - Indicates NVRC Indoor Mile Series Record