Route:  Tudek Park
Mileage:  Various
Hillage: Tudek Park is set on a hill in the Park Hills neighborhood of State College. The main macadam bike path going through the center of the park is one long hill with an 85 ft elevation change in 0.4 miles (a 4% grade). This path is steepest near the top (north) end. The east dirt path breaks from the macadam path at the top and rejoins it part way down the hill. The west dirt path is longer, taking a long, rolling route from the top of the hill to the bottom.
Description:  Access Tudek Park  by car from Martin St near Aaron Drive. A marked access drive goes west to the parking lots and pavilion area. You can also access the park from the parking lot area of apartments on Aaron Drive, from a path into the Park Hills neighborhood that meets the west dirt path, and from a sput of the Blue Course/Circleville bike path at the corner of Blue Course Rd, Circleville Drive, and Teaberry Ridge Rd.

The map below gives the mileage associated with the three main paths in Tudek Park. Depending how you piece together your run and how many loops you do, you can have a heck of a hill workout.

Remarks: Tom Tudek Memorial Park is on 62 acres of land, most of it donated to Ferguson Township by Mr. and Mrs Robert Tudek in memory of their son. The park has a pavilion, rest rooms, soccer fields, basketball courts, a community garden, a butterfly sanctuary, and a dog park, along with many acres of open fields.
Map: Tudek Park Loops

        Added: 06/07