Route:  The "4 Hills" Loop
Mileage:  5.0
Hillage: Concentrated Hills: The 4 Hills Loop is mostly flat or gradually sloping. Most of its 205 ft elevation change is concentrated in two hills: the descent on Fox Hollow Rd and the ascent up "4 Hills" on the return.

Elevation change: 205 ft. 
Average Grade: 2%. Notable hills: 

Fox Hollow Descent: A 135 foot drop in nine-tenths of a mile from the rise on Porter Rd. near Beaver Stadium to the corner of Fox Hollow and Big Hollow Rds: Long 2.9% downhill.
"4 Hills" Rise:  An 89 ft rise over three-tenths of a mile from the curve on Big Hollow up the four bumps to the gate: An intense 5.6% climb.

Description:  Start in front of Rec Hall and head down Curtin Rd., dodging students all the way to Porter Rd., next to Beaver Stadium. Make a left on Porter and carefully head past the light at Park Avenue, where Porter Rd. becomes Fox Hollow Rd. After just about a mile on this busy but wide-shouldered road, make a left on Big Hollow Rd. Big Hollow Rd. is just before the Rte. 322 Bypass overpass, and the Army Reserve building is on the corner. Take Big Hollow Rd for about 1½ miles as it makes a wide bend, goes up "4 Hills", and ends up at Services Rd. next to the Penn State Salvage Building. Go right on Services Rd., follow it as it bears left and becomes Bigler Rd. Carefully cross Park Avenue and continue on Bigler Rd. to Curtin Rd. Take a right on Curtin Rd. and head back to Rec Hall.
Remarks: The "4 Hills" loop, also known as the "Armory Loop" (because it passes the Army Reserve building) is a moderately challenging 5 mile loop. The "4 Hills" refers to the four successive rises on Big Hollow Rd (see map below for location). This route used to be called the "No-Brainer Loop" by the Rec Hall Regulars: It was the 5-miler that was run whenever nobody wanted to think too hard about where to go. That honor has since passed to the Bike Path Loop, because that route has no car traffic. However, the 4 Hills loop is still very popular, especially in the winter when the bike path is under snow.

The 4 Hills Loop also links up with many other popular running routes including the East Aaron Loops, the Town Loops, the Tunnel Loop, the Deer Pens Loop, and the Toftrees Loop, and can be run in combination with pieces of these routes for a varied running repertoire.

Map: 4 Hills Loop
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