Written by Jerry Steffy Jerry Steffy
Published: 08 June 2011 08 June 2011

June 7, 2011

We were at Tudek Park last night for 6x1/4's on the 4's. Six of us ran hard up and down the trail. We tried to run an even pace and that was the hard part. David Lloyd lead the six of us thought the paces with an average time of :1.41's, Michelle Christensen had an average time of :1.55's, Jerry Steffy was next with :1.48's, Jim Thor was coming on hard with ave. time of :2.00, Pam Scott ran with Jim to keep him working hard: average of :1.56's, and Feranad is running more and it shows. He was averaging :2.16's. Great work by all for a hot night! Next week we are at the Boalsburg Military Museum Park at  6 PM for 3 person relays. See you there! Jerry.