August 9, 2011

We are back to our Tuesday night Beginners running group. Last night, we ran 2x1mile starting every 12 mins. We had six healthy runners and one injured runner with us last night. Out of the six, two ran with us for the first time: Amy Mensch and David Agler, Pam Scott, David Lloyd, Liz Troisi, Jerry Steffy ran the mile quicker then we all thought we could. David Agler ran with us after coming off an injury with 5:23 & 5:12, Liz Troisi ran 8:27 & 7:54, David Lloyd ran 7:42 & 7:40, Amy Mensch ran 8:24 & 8:27, and I bought up the rear with 8:12 & 11;54. Pam scott ran well and Michelle Christensen watched and hopes that she will be able to run next week with us. We will be at Boalsburg Military Museum for a 1/2 mile workout. See you next week! Jerry