Wahoo Beginners Running Group: Back At The Old Homestead

May 24, 2011

The Wahoo Group found our way to Homestead Park where we ran 3 person relays of .2 of a mile. We were able to make 2 teams, but could have used one more person for a third team. With 8 runners one more would have been great. The team of Michelle Christensen, Sheny Li, and Liz Troisi ran 24.16. The team of Jerry Steffy, Dave Lloyd, and Jim Thor worked hard to catch them with a 24.28 time for the 6 x .2 per person. The sun was shining and the air was cool and the fun was great. we are looking forward to more of you to come on Tuesday night to run with us. Next week we are at the same place, Homestead Park, for a 5K run. Hope you can make it. We'd like to see you all!

Wahoo Beginners Running Group: That Rainy Day Feeling

May 17, 2011

Well, guess what happened last night at the running group run. It was rainy again! We still had a good time doing 1/4's on the 4's; every 4 min's. we started another 1/4. Jerry Steffy , new comer Liz Troisi, Pam Scott, David Lloyd, and Jim Thor ran very well. 1:36's to 1:55's were the norm. Next week we will be at Homestead Park doing three person relays. Hope to see you there! Jerry

Wahoo Beginner's Running Group: Who'll Stop The Rain?

April 26, 2011

This year seem to be the year of the rains. We had four little wet Indians for our run. Jerry Steffy, Pam Scott. David Lloyd, and Kevin Polek. we were going run Indians but with only 4 we would have been sprinting more then recovering, so we did  build up instead. Well, til the next Tuesday's rain storm, keep running! - Jerry

Wahoo Beginners Running Group: Getting The Heart Rate Up

May 10, 2011

We had 8 runners last night. I am sure it was because it was not raining. We ran 2x.64 to raise heart rate. We also had a new runner with us, Liz Troisi, who ran well and seemed to have a good time. Denise Weaver, Pam Scott, Shena Li, Jim Thor, Jerry Steffy, and Michelle Christensen did the run and got their heart rate up around 160 and recovered quickly. Next week we are at the same place and will be running 4x1/4's 2 person relays, hope you can make it to the run! The best way to get good at something is do every day! Jerry

Wahoo Beginners Running Group: First Run Of Spring

April 5, 2011

We had a chilly start to the Tuesday night Beginners Group run. Denise Weaver, Jerry Steffy, Pam Scott, David Lloyd, and Sheny Lou ran for a 1 mile and half easy. We would like to see more of you next week, same time and same place, in the South Building parking lot. If you are new, look for the little red pick-up truck with SCXC sticker on the tail gate. Here's the schedule for the rest of the year. Have fun and keep running! Jerry