Wahoo Beginners Running Group: Ladder Relays

We had another newcomer to the group last night Jenny Deutsch. Thank you to Tom Cali for telling her about the group. The group ran 2 person relay's of ladders: 200,400,600,800, 600,400, and 200. The group did well. Ethan Knocke and Sheng Zui ran 26:50 for their relay. Jerry Steffy and Ashley Cooper were next with 30:07. Michelle Christensen and Karen Weiss did 32:34. Pam Scott and new comer Jenny Deutsch finished next with 39:30. We are having a great time, next week we are running fox and hound on campus meet at the outdoor track. Run great! Jerry.

Wahoo Beginners Running Group: Half-Miles and a Big Balloon

We had eight runners Tuesday night. One was new: Sheng L.o Pam Scott, Michelle Christensen, Rich Bundro, Karen Weiss, Sarah Reinhard, Ethan Knacke, and Jerry Steffy also came. We were at the Military Museum to do 8X1/2 miles in two-person relays. Sheng and Jerry ran 30:14, Pam and Michelle ran 30:47, Rich and Karen ran 30:10 and Ethan and Sarah ran 26:47, each runner ran 4 1/2's relay style. We also had the opportunity to watch a balloon raising. Still looking for more new runners, so come on and try us out!

Wahoo Beginners Running Group: Homestead Park 5K

The Wahoo Beginner's Group did the Homestead park 5K last night. We had six runners and one timer. Jerry Steffy, Pam Scott, Sarah Reinhard, new comer Rich Bundro, Jenn Kruk, and Karen Weiss ran well in the heat and sun. The timer Michelle Christensen got every body's time and no one was overheated. We are still looking for more beginners to run with us, so please get the word out whenever you can!

Wahoo Beginners Running Group: Up -Down Quarters at Tudek Park

What a great night for a run! We are still a small group of runners, but we are getting faster. Last night we did 1/4's on the 3's. which means every 3 mins. we start another 1/4. We ran up and down the hills at Tudek Park. Ashley Cooper ran 1:55's up and 1:45's down, Rich Bundro 1:38's up and 1:27's down, Karen Weiss 1:58's up and 140's down, Ethan Knocke 1:38 up and 1:27 downs, Pam Scott 2:00's up and 1:40 downs, Jerry Steffy 1:50's up and 1:45's down. Michelle Christensen was recovering from a small injury. We hope to see more of you next week. We will be at the Boalsburg Military Museum for 1/2's on the 6's.

Wahoo Beginners Running Group: A Hot One at Homestead!

This Tuesday night was a lot better then the last two Tuesdays for the Wahoo beginner group.  We were hot and (sort of) ready to run.  Jerry Steffy, Ethan Knocke, Michelle Christensen, Jenn Kruk, Karen Weiss, and Dave DeGroote all ran 4x.2 in three person relays.  Denise Weaver was there to time the ladies and Jerry timed the men. We were all very hot, but that didn't stop the runners from having a great time.  Next week we are at the same place, same time, for the first 5K run... hope to see more of you there.