1/4's at Tudek Park

18 of us ran 6 1/4's in Tudek park.  Every 4 minutes we started another 1/4.   Denise weaver, Janice Dawber, Liz Campo, Lori Miles, Sharon Lester-fry, Sarah Reinhard, Kathenine Stamps-Mitchell, Elizabeth Stamps, Jana Emmer, Michelle Christensen, Paul Ruby, Jessica Savrock, Beth Pfahl, Dave DeGroote, Marta Hatzell, Mike Weismiller, Tawnya Meraglia and Jerry Steffy all ran well. We did not keep times for each 1/4.  Ho! Don't get in front of Lori because she yells at you for cutting her off!  Next week we are at the high school for 2 person relay 1/4's on the track. See you then.  Jerry.

5k from Homestead Park

We did not get any rain last night so the 5k run was enjoyable for most. We had 17 runners run the distance. Lorna Arocena ran 24:26, with Paul Ruby right behind her 24:46, Sarah Reinhard ran 25:00, Mike Weismiller was 25:42 with Jerry Steffy 25:54, Michelle Christensen 26:46, Eric Fillerup 27:14, Jessica Savrock work hard to run 27:18, Pam Scott coming back from a bad spring run 27:24, with Dave DeGroote running 27:25, Sarah Bender one of our new runners ran 28:20, Catherine Meyers did 28:12, Denise Weaver ran 29:14, with Mary Conner-righter at 29:15, Janice Dauber who did not think she could run well did 30:40, with Lori Miles & Tawnya Meraglia running 31:24's to finish the workout.  We are at "Tudek Park next week for some 1/4's.  Hope to see you there and that it does not rain. Jerry

Hot Evening Of 4 x 1/4's !

Jerry Steffy was feeling under the weather and could not make it for the group workout, so Denise Weaver took the challenge of leading the group's workout.  We had a super turnout tonight with 20 runners! It was a hot evening for running, but at least it didn't rain. The workout was a 2 person relay doing 4 x 1/4's at the State College high school track. Denise Weaver took the times and the results are as follows: Dave DeGroote & Jessica Savrock (12:31), Mike Weismiller & Sarah Bender (13:00), Sarah Reinhard & Marta Hatzell (13:10),Paul Rudy & Eric Fillerup (13:45), Kate Ryan & Michelle Christenson (14:20), Jana Emmer & Cathenne Meyers (14:30), Pam Scott & Mary Conner-Righter (14:35), Janice Dauber & Lorna Arocena (15:03), Lori Miles & Mandi Stamm (15:16) and late starter Aaron Roggla ran 2 miles around the track. For it being so warm everyone did a awesome job! Next week we will be meeting at Homestead Park for a 3 person .2 relay.  See you all there. Smile

The Rain Club!

The "Rain Club" formally known as the "Beginners Group" had 10 wet runners last night at Homestead park doing what they do best.  Running in the rain.  We ran 3 person relays of .20 of a mile around the park.  Jerry and Eric Fillerup and Mary Righter one team, David DeGroote and Pam Scott and Marta Hatzell were a team, and Lori Miles and Michelle Christensen and new comer Liz Campo formed another team. Lorna Arocena came late so she had to run with herself (no we let her run with Lori).  We did well even when it rained a little.  Next week we are at Homestead park again for a 5 k run. See you there Jerry

Finally! Great Weather For .64's

The sun was shining brightly and 15 runners came for the 3 x .64's on the bike path last night. We were working on pace so the group tried to stay within 5 to 10 seconds for each .64. David DeGroote lead the group with runs of 5:30,4:57, 4:43. Sarah Reinhard ran 5:35, 5:23, 5:25, Cathrine Meyers ran 5:34, 5:39, 5:58, Marta Hatzell ran 5:43, 5:47, 5:56, Jerry Steffy ran 5:46, 5:44, 5:56, Jessica Savrock ran 5:53, 5:59, 6:06, Lucy Barker ran 5:57, 6:10, 6:07, Pam Scott was back and ran 5:53, 6:03, 6:43, Aaron Roggia ran 6:07,6:23,6:37, Jana Emmer was new with us and ran 6:21,6:23,6:39, Denise Weaver ran 6:26,6:15,6:40, Janice Dauber also new with the group ran 6:41,6:45,6:38,Tawnya Meraglia ran 6:43,6:50,6:50, Mandi Stamm ran all three .64's 6:43, 8:11, 7:03 which was great for she had trouble with them the first time we did .64's earlier this season. This is what we do so if you are interested in running with us we will be at the High School next week for some 1/4's on the track. Hope to see you there next week. Jerry