Rain again!

We are really looking forward to a Tuesday night where it doesn't rain.  But that has not stopped us from running, and last night was no exception. We had 12 runners come and run in the rain. They ran 2 person 1/2 mile relays - 3 each. We were going to record time for each half, but the rain washed away the paper.  Jerry Steffy, David DeGroote were the first team to finish, with Catherine Meyers & Lorna Arocena second, Marta Hatzell (new comer) & Neda O'Reilly finishing a close Third, Eric Filleup (new comer) & Aaron Roggla (also a newcomer) coming in fourth, Lori Miles & Tawnya Meraglia were fifth, with Denise Weaver & Michelle Christensen doing a continuous 1 mile and half easy because of injuries. Pam Scott was there to time us and is looking forward to running again next week after an illness. So you can see that these people are not afraid to get wet. Next week we are at the same place, Welch Pool, to do some longer runs.  See you then.  Jerry

The Indians Were Out!

The Indians were out last night...about twelve of them were running down Westerly and Easterly ave. They did not attack anyone because they were to trying to keep together.  We had a few new runners: Allison Baker, and Lucy Baker, with a couple first timers from last year also.  Catherine Meyers and Jasmine Fledderjohann, Sarah Reinhard, Michelle Christensen were also there (Michelle is still nursing a broken foot but ran easy).  Jerry Steffy and Dave DeGroote are still the only men so we need to work on getting more men out.  Denise Weaver, Jessica Savrock, Lori Miles, Lorna Arocena, Tawnya Meroglia, Mary Conner-Righter all ran hard.  We will be at Welch Pool next week for some 2 person relays.

Messy Day on the Track

This Tuesday was a messy day, but we had seven hearty souls come and run 4x1/4's in the rain. The track was full of high schoolers so we did our 1/4's for time on the bike path:

 Tawnya Meraglia
 1:47 1:48 1:54 
 Mandi Stumm
 Lori Miles
 1:47 1:46 1:50 1:39
 Lorna Arocena
 1:35 1:36 1:36 1:37
 Jerry Steffy
 1:33 1:34 1:44 1:48
 Mary Conner-Righter
 1:50 1:42 1:48 1:41
 Pamela Scott
 1:31 1:40 1:47 1:58

We all got wet but had a great time!  So if you missed this week come next Tuesday and run with us!



Good weather for a track workout

We had 5 hearty runners last night to do 3 person relays of 4x200.  One team was made up of Lorna Ardcena, Denise Weaver, and Mandi Stamm. The other team was made up of Jerry Steffy, Tawnya Meraglia, and Lori Miles.  The times were good for this time of the year.  Team one ave. :49  per 200 for each runner, and the second team ran :48 per 200.  The weather was just right: a little wind, some sun, and the temp. was around 50, so no one got too warm.  We are still looking for you all to show up next week at Welch Pool for 2 miles of Indians.

See you next week,


Tuesday Night Winter Workout


Tuesday Night Winter Workout 2009
6:00 at Rec Hall
Nov.  4      30 min. Hill Workout  
Nov.  11    30 min. Indians 
Nov.  18    30 min. Fartleks
Nov.  25    45 min. Run
Dec.  2      20 min. Run   (Club Meeting)
Dec.  9      30 min. Hill Workout
Dec.  16    3 Mile Run
Dec.  23    30 min. Fartleks
Dec.  30    30 min. Indians with a twist
Jan.   6      4 Mile Run
Jan.  13     30 min. Fartleks
Jan.  20     30 min. Hill Workout
Jan.  27     30 min. Indians
Feb.  3       20 min. Run  (Club Meeting)
Feb.  10     4 Mile Run
Feb.  17     30 min. Fartleks
Feb.  24     30 min. Indians
Mar.  3       3 Mile Run
Mar.  10     Group's Choice
Mar.  17     St. Patrick's Fun Run
Mar.  24     30 min. Fartleks
Mar.  31     30 min. Indians


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