September 2nd - Post Labor Day Partum Depression

We had 11 runners with one new runner Jessica Greger. We were going to run 4x1/2 on the 5's, but with the heat and the new runner we did 3x1/2 on the 6's.

Jerry Steffy 3:43, 3:44, 3:51 - not bad for an old man.
Denise Weaver 4:12, 4:08, 4:43 see Terry, she runs well
Michael Weismiller 3:20, 3:22, 3:28 did great with keeping the pace
Michele Christensen 3:56, 4:17, 4:29 was hoping we would not be there so she could play tennis instead
Dave DeGroote 3:15, 2:56, 3:04 lead the group with those times
Vicki Summers 3:44, 3:53, 3:54 did her best to beat the old man
Pam Scott 3:47, 3:49, 3:46 she was mostly working on running an even pace
Jessie Greger ran one at 4:10 and then ran 1/4's but we did not get her times
Jessica Savrock 3:48, 3:49, 4:07 came to work hard and did well
Alonzo 3:26, 3:20, 3:19 got one by himself but caught us to run the last two with us
Kate Ryan 3:55, 3:14, 3:25 did one with us and the last two by herself. Late because of work but jumped out and got there.

See you next week at Spring Creek Park for a nice easy 45 min run.

July 29: 1/2 - 1/4 Relays at PSU Track

We had 16 runners last night to do 3 person relay teams. Two of the runners did 1/2's and the other person ran 1/4's., each person ran 1 mile total. The teams ran very well.

Cheryl Capone, Dave DeGroote, and Mike Weismiller
Kathenine Michell, Kate Ryan, Miruna Sasuclark     
Michelle Christensen, Vicki Summers, Pam Scott21:28
Jerry Steffy, Lori Miles, Sarah Reinhard21:35
Denise Weaver, Kim Daniels, Jess Savrock 23:17

Jasmine Fledderjohann ran the 1/4's because we did not have 2 others to complete the team.

Lori Miles was conned into trying to run with us by Susan Rossman ( who did not come )...Lori did very well for the first time running with us. Hope to see her again.


July 15: Slab Cabin Hills and Cherry Tarts!

We had 16 runners for the hill workout last night at Slab Cabin Park. The workout was more for training. We were not running hard or fast but for technique. Jerry Steffy, Pam Scott, Denise Weaver, Claudia Nau, Miruna Sasuclark, Katherine Michel, Cheryl Capone, Jamine Fledderjohann, Jessica Charlie, Kim Daniels, Sarah Summers, Vicki Summers, Corinna Lynche, Steve Lynche, Dave DeGroote, Kate Ryan.  Liz Bosak was very kind and brought a Cherry tart for everyone and Pam Scott brought G2 also.

We will be at PSU's track for the next two weeks 6:00 pm Tuesday Night.  See you there...

- Jerry

July 22: 1/4's @ PSU Track

It was very warm last night so we only did 6x400's. The work out was great and we had Two new runners Sue Rossman, and another runners from (MICHIGAN That Great State) Sarah Reinhard

Here are the results from the 1st four 1/4's with any results from the last time in parenthesis:
  1st 1/4
2nd 1/4
3rd 1/4 4th 1/4
Denise Weaver (2:04)1:54
(1:54) 1:54 (1:56) 1:53 (1:55) 1:53
Jerry Steffy (:96) :98 (:95) :98 (:97) :97 (1:47) 1:45
Cheryl Capone (:83) :83 (:84) :84 (:85) :84 (:85) :82
Michelle Christensen (1:50) 1:46 (1:55) 1:49 (1:57) 1:49 (2:04) 1:48
Dave DeGroote (:82) :86 (:81) :86 (:89) :85 (:89) :83
Pam Scott   :97  :95  :99  :98
Kathenine Stamps (Michell)
(1:47) 1:56 (1:52) 1:43 (1:52) 1:46 2:02 1:54
Miruna Sasuclark (:83) :92 (:94):92 (1:40) :92 (1:42) :93
Michael Weismiller (:84) :84 (:86) :85 (:91) :82 (:85) :81
Jasmine Fleddenjohann (2:04) 1:56 (2:20)1:57    
Sue Rossman   2:44  2:44  2:33  2:36
Sarah Reinhard   :97  :96  :95  :96
Mary Hilliard   1:42  1:43  1:47  1:44
Kate Ryan  1:42
  :99  :98  :95

Next week we're at PSU track again.

- Jerry


July 8: Indans at Spring Creek Park

We are still having fun on Tuesday night at 6:00. Last night we ran 30 minutes of Indians out at Spring Creek park.  The group was made up of 17 runners (mostly women) and we ran out the bike path to Branch road and turned around and ran back.  Some of the Indians dropped off on the way out but we picked them up on the way back. Pam Scott brought some goodies so we all got our calories back after the run. Jerry Steffy lead the group with Denise Weaver, Liz Bosak, Jessica Charles, Kim Daniels, Vicki Summers, Jessica Savrock, A new comer Kate Ryan, Cornnia Lyncha, Steve Lyncha, Miruna Sasuclark, Kathernie Stamps( or Michell), Jamine Fleddrjohann, Claudia Nau, Lu Sun, David DeGroote.

Next week Hill work at Slab Cabin.

- Jerry