June 20, 2015

It was a little like herding ducks to get everyone together for our second Cherry Run Trail run. It's a bit of a field trip (all the way out to Lamar!), and the weather of late has been "nice weather for ducks", but I had thought that the prospect of lunch at Elk Creek Cafe would have made this an automatic on people's schedule. Still, there was a lot of hemming and hawing and unresolved schedule conflicts. But by the time the run started, there were 7 runners that were there to do the whole loop, plus another runner who'd meet us at the end and another who'd meet us at Elk Creek. 

The Cherry Hill Trail is well described in my report of a family hike a few years back. It's a beautiful, mostly forested run. Rocky, but not too technical (i.e., nothing like Rothrock), with some modest climbing. The big thing is that the tail end of the trail can be muddy, and our recent rains made the last few miles the muddiest I've ever run through on that trail. Still, nobody's shoes were sucked off their feet by the mire.

Lunch at Elk Creek was excellent, as was to be expected. The beer was magically cold and delicious after the 10 mile run. Everyone said "We HAVE to do this again." Keep a lookout for a couple of dates, maybe in August and early autumn.

pix group cherry15 1 rhodo

A few of the runners who completed the Cherry Run Trail run

pix group cherry15 1 sox

Muddy feet and still allowed a seat at the Elk Creek Cafe

pix group cherry15 1 elk

Pilsners and Pale Ales are emminently guzzlable after a 10 mile run.