Written by Tara Murray Tara Murray

December 11, 2018

We had a big crowd for the run last night (and an even bigger crowd for the beer afterward - go figure!). Thanks to everyone who came out. We ran down the bike path to Spring Creek Park and then up to Meira's house. Meira was home with her family, but she must have heard Tom singing carols as we ran, because she came out in her slippers and gave us a mission: to run to the top of the hill and find out what mysterious object the new neighbors' light-up snowman was holding. We dutifully ran to investigate, but were unable to reach a conclusion. Was it a star? A flame? A starter's pistol?

Luckily Happy Valley Brewing Co. was able to find a long table for our crowd, and we enjoyed recovery beverages and dinner. I'm hoping to continue these runs throughout the year, as long as the bike path is ice-free. We may have to design a trophy for anyone who is able to finish the short rib nachos - neither the solo effort nor the pairs competitors were successful yesterday.

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Runners getting ready for a jog by Spring Creek and into Houserville