December 21, 2010

A nice sized group of about a dozen of us set out from the West Side Stadium for a light-seeing tour of the southwest fringes of State College. We hit the 12 Days exhibit on Sparks St, then wound our way up to Orchard Park and thence to the bike path into Stonebridge. We hit Cali's house, where Esther and the Calis' majestic greyhound greeted us. We sped by Sheakoski's house, then dropped Kathy LDC off at her place. From there we headed downhill to the dark neighborhood of Scrooges near Bwana's house. The lone pool of light at Casa Bwana was a welcoming sight, as were Mrs. Bwana and the Bwanas' ever-vigilant watchdog/media star Sheila. After some cookies, hot cider and bourbon, the crew staggered back to the West Side Stadium for a nightcap.

Sorry to those who showed up late and had to find/catch us. I had a route in mind prior to the run but wasn't sure how much we'd hew to it. Next year I'll put out a cell number for those who want to play catch-up along the route!