Here are some details about the group runs including what sponsoring entails and how we plan the calendar.

Run Sponsors

Sponsoring a run is really pretty easy. Usually it just means you put out some water in designated water drops along the course and pick up the cups afterwards. Here's a list with some more details:

  • Drop water at a few places along the course and at start/end.  We try to mark the water drop locations on the maps for each run... normally somewhere out of sight (so a good samaritan doesn't "clean it up" for us!).  The water drops are normally just a gallon of water (tap is fine) and a stack of paper cups in a plastic bag.  Optionally you can add some gatorade, gu, etc., especially if there's a long run option.
  • Pick up the water/trash after the run
  • Try to make sure no one gets left behind.  The group can do run-backs for slower runners, wait at decision points along the course, find equally paced running partners, etc.

There's also other optional things a sponsor might do depending on the details of the run:

  • Bring a few copies of course map for new comers... no need for this is the course is simple, such as an out & back.
  • Optionally organize post-run activities, e.g. breakfast / brunch, coffee, picnic, cheer on racers, etc.

Sponsoring a run also has its benefits:

  • Fame and fortune!
  • You pretty much get to pick the run if you'd like.  Have a favorite place/route?  Volunteer to sponsor and we'll add it to the calendar!

Calendar Planning:

Group run goals:

  • Regular meeting times
  • Provide run support (water, etc.)
  • Variety of distances and paces
  • Plan weeks to months in advance
  • Variety of starting locations.  Mix in new locations w/old favorites.
  • Support local races. When there's a local race the official club run will often be running the race itself. If it's a longer run we may plan another group run that allows us to cheer on the racers afterwards.

Group run guidelines:

  • Starting Time:
    • 7:00 am - June thru September? (Beat the heat)
    • 8:00 am - October thru May? (Post sunrise)
    • Later for brunch options?
  • How to do mapping?


  • Start by adding any local races we want to support
  • Add one run each weekend near State College
  • Add one run each weekend a bit farther out (e.g. Bellefonte)
  • Look for new courses in surrounding towns for variety
  • Track the runs we have and how many people attend ()
  • For each run:
    • Plan several courses w/various distances, 3M, 5M, 10M
    • For trail runs, have a non-trail option
    • For longer races, plan a shorter run for non-racers
    • Ask people to sponsor - let them know how easy it is
    • Potential post-run activities
  • Keep a log of past runs, all club runs, and try to rotate through all of them.
  • Popular runs more oftten
  • Ask for to suggest their favorite runs - hopefully they will sponsor it.

Possible future runs:

  • start location Bernel Park near airport - Bellfonte loop
  • Get ideas from biking site?
  • Game lands - non-trail option?
  • Tofftrees Trail - sunset Park
  • Lemont
  • Boalsburg
  • Pine Grove Mills
  • Four Hills
  • Pensylvania Furnace
  • Tunnel Loop
  • Port Matilda
  • Stormstown
  • Bellefonte
  • Circleville trail
  • - Wind Mill run
  • Mount Nittany Marathon - Club sponsored water stop? Shorter group run before hand (e.g. watch race start, short-cut run to water stop arriving before first runners)

Arts Fest, Flutopia, Herbies's Home town loop


Group Run History

Location  Dates Attendee Count Notes
Bernel Road Park  7/11/2015  2  
Cherry Run Trail  6/20/2015  9  
Spring Creek Canyon  6/28/2015  4  
   7/5/2015  6  
Spring Creek Park  6/14/2015  10