Here are some details about the group runs including what sponsoring entails and how we plan the calendar.

Run Sponsors

Sponsoring a run is really pretty easy. Usually it just means you put out some water in designated water drops along the course and pick up the cups afterwards. Here's a list with some more details:

There's also other optional things a sponsor might do depending on the details of the run:

Sponsoring a run also has its benefits:

Calendar Planning:

Group run goals:

Group run guidelines:


Possible future runs:

Arts Fest, Flutopia, Herbies's Home town loop


Group Run History

Location  Dates Attendee Count Notes
Bernel Road Park  7/11/2015  2  
Cherry Run Trail  6/20/2015  9  
Spring Creek Canyon  6/28/2015  4  
   7/5/2015  6  
Spring Creek Park  6/14/2015  10