Written by Mike Casper Mike Casper

September 20, 2011

The weather was pleasant and sunny with a gentle breeze as Lance Bland, Jim Myers and Mike Casper headed to the selected hill, the old University Drive-College Ave. ramp, Mike had already put two reps in when reinforcements arrived. Then, lo, down the hill came prancing a score of other Rec Hall Regulars, including Tom Cali and 2011 Dam Half Queen (sans sash) Meerkat Minard. Tom admitted he was tapering for a half marathon a few days away and Wineglass Marathon in 10 days. A few side-fives were exchanged as we climbed the hill; we were acknowledging their bravery in showing up. But as we turned to descend again, alas, they were long gone, probably searching in vain for some flat ground. Their loss!

This is, as it turns out, quite a crossroads venue. Down the hill walked a professionally dressed lady student who seemed to understand what the heck we were doing. As it turns out, it was the girlfriend of Mike Williams, president of the PSU XC Club. She wasn’t missing out on anything, she pointed out, as the XCers will be doing 800s tonight. If you’re a glutton for repeats, show up at Rec Hall after 5.

Keep hilling!