November 19, 2013

The temperature was low, the wind speed was high, and morale was somewhere in between as Jim Moore, Ben Tolton, Aaron Hofelt, Meira Minard, Dean Capone and Mike Renz set out to reinstate a weekly hill workout upon the NVRC lunchtime running elites.  As an introductory workout for those who had not previously had the pleasure of doing hill repeats, Grove Hill was chosen (a new rail trail style path from the Bellefonte Central Rail Trail, i.e. Toftrees Trail, that leads up to the new student housing in Toftrees, named The Grove).  Having only run up this hill once before, the squad was not fully aware of what lay ahead of them as they did their first climb up Grave, err I mean Grove Hill.

This hill is not for the faintest of hearts, it is now known put hair on your chest, bunions on your feet, punish runner canklettes, cause running induced asthma, and/or possibly worse.  All of these symptoms of which are a problem for some of today’s crew in one way or another.  Somehow the entire group managed to push through 4 repeats, and at extremely even reps which was impressive considering both the challenge of the hill and the newness of the hill workout.

Stay tuned for next week’s Hill Workout callout, hopefully we’ll have a bigger turnout for all to enjoy the pain and suffering of throwing oneself up a steep incline, for seemingly no good reason.