November 26, 2013

Continuing to instill hills into the weekly regimen, everyone was thrilled to attack the Gill Street Hill to fulfill their workout until the distilled beverages beckoned as winter chilled the drill. It was a large turnout, which we’ll pretend was due to excitement of a hill workout and not the promise of Fireball shots and lunch at Westside Stadium, as Tom Cali, Andrew Maguire, Dean Capone, Mike Martin, Marty Klanchar, John Wilcock, Mark Lee, Lance Bland, Mike Renz, and Mike Weyandt headed to Gill Street to complete a few reps of hills.  The group decided to go over-the-hill and back (although miraculously most of the group remained over-the-hill ever after the workout was over), with half the group going the ‘extra mile’ by heading all the way do! wn to Westerly Parkway to complete a rep of the full hill.  In all, half the group completed 4 traverses to the peak while the other half headed to Maquire’s house for a pre-Westside pre-fireball brew after a measly 2 climbs (But hey, at least they showed up!).  

Join in on the fun next week as we trot uphill repeatedly to attempt to run off the turkey we engorge over the holiday.  Suggestions and requests for hills to conquer have been submitted in small amounts, so there is at least SOME eagerness within the group to do hill repeats.  The good thing is that hill workouts are usually a quicker and shorter (mileage) workouts.  Marathon season is just a few weeks and snowfalls away – get those late-mile muscles ready!

Addendum by Hill Queen Emerita Tara Murray:

Allison and I did an alternative workout Tuesday morning. After this report, I'm sure you'll all be clamoring to come out and run with us!

The workout started at 5:45 am at Fishermans Paradise, but Allison warmed up with a bobsled ride down an unplowed Paradise Road. Luckily all of the neighborhood mailboxes jumped out of the way. After that excitement, we set out on foot over untouched snow, our headlamps guiding the way. On a few occasions, we discovered ice hiding beneath the snow, nearly sending one of us sliding over the bank and into the creek. Once our heartrates were sufficiently elevated, we did a light pre-Turkey Trot workout of drills, strides, and 5x35 second intervals. The slippery footing made the intervals a lot more interesting than running around a nice, dry track. (My coach says under these conditions the primary benefit is stride mechanics. My tiptoe running style does seem to help me stay upright on just about any surface!) As we cooled down with a jog back to the parking lot, it was finally light enough to turn off the headlamps. Whatever you think of winter weather, snow clinging to tree branches over Spring Creek sure is pretty!

Then I discovered I had a snow day and didn't need to run at 5:45 am after all. I could have been doing hill repeats and Fireball shots!