December 2, 2013

On this second day of hunting season, Mike Martin, Dean Capone, Andrew Maguire, Meira Minard, Jon Thurley, John Wilcock, Marty Klanchar, Mark Lee, Fred Wright, and Mike Renz went hill hunting and tracked, shot, gutted and dragged (themselves) up and down the Sunset Park to Overlook Heights hills/valley as a see-saw hill workout.  

At first there were even more hill attacksmen, but they seemingly got confused as to what a hill repeat was, by just conquering the first partial hill and continuing to run to Walmart – for what I can only guess was to purchase their hill hunting licenses.  We all fully expect the! ir camouflaged faces at next week’s arsenal now that they’re fully legal to run hills.

This hill was new to many as a hill workout, and proved to be unpleasantly long yet pleasantly steep.  With an short quick climb on the other side of the valley, the hunters had an easy hill to semi-catch their breath before once again trudging up the main attraction.  A majority of the group stuck through 4 entire climbs of both sides of the valley.  Andrew Maquire was a man on a mission and ensured he was first up the main hill every single time, by quite a few lengths.  The important thing was getting those repeats in – which will only help towards the end of the Nittany Half Marathon this weekend!