Written by Mike Renz Mike Renz

December 10, 2013


/hil ‘listik/


  1. 1. Characterized by comprehension of the sections of a geographical incline interconnected and explicable only by those stupid enough to repeatedly run up and down said geographic anomaly.

It was a real feel of about 17 degrees as Jonathon Thurley, Meira Minard, Ken Davis, Rob Peterson, Sara Noss, Marty Mazur, Barb Kelsey, and Mike Renz set out to repeatedly conquer the Park Ave hill, which runs along the PSU White Course.  It was a very light turnout, possibly due to some runners recovering from this past weekend’s Nittany Half Marathon, or possibly due to the chilly weather.  Whatever poor excuse was instilled into the minds of the non-hill-runners shall be forever considered the wrong decision.

Four was one again the magic number of repeats that most of the crew hammered out.  Thurley received only partial credit for his repeats due to cutting them short, every rep.  But hey, at least he was there doing a workout!  A passing grade is still better than a 0 and detention for skipping class.  Some of the group even set out to trailblaze a new hill for a future workout – Hillcrest Ave.  Suitably named, this hill definitely is more than steep enough to work its way into the ranks of the ever beloved Lunchtime Hill Workout.