December 17, 2013

Or up they went on Fraser, depending on how you look at it.  This week’s Hill Workout included 6, yes six – a new hill record, repeats up the Fraser St hill, between Hamilton and Fairmount Avenues.  Lance Bland was the first one there, beating John Domico, Jonathon Thurley, Meira Minard, Barb and Brent Kelsey, Andrew Maguire and Mike Renz to their first climb.  Mike Martin even decided to show up just in time to miss out on this first trip up the hill.  The workout originally only called for 4 repeats, but the group was hungry for more so they tacked on what they thought would be their fifth and final traverse of one of the steeper climbs in the hood.  Atop the hill, the mighty Domico triple dog dared the crew (in a slight breach of etiquette by skipping the triple-dare-you and going right for the throat!) to do a sixth trip since it’s bad luck to end on an odd number on the 17th day of a month ending in “ber.”  

This Alberta Clipper proved to be another hoax of misrepresentation by local weather forecasters.  The temp was a balmy 25 degrees, the streets were clear, no snow was falling…and the hillsmen and hillswomen were happily trotting up and down Fraser to pass some time while enjoying the outdoors on this wonderful winter day.