January 14, 2014

i don't write hill reports anymore.  however, i feel obligated to pay tribute to my brothers in suffering today on hillcrest(s). so here's the speed bump version:

Mile high club: tom cali, randy jepson, andrew maguire, mike martin, mikey weyandt, jonathan thurley, ben tolton, lance babb, alex wouden, jim moore.

Loser club: everyone else. except for renz, whose was doing his suffering in private today. oh, and sheakoski, who is allegedly on the other side of the country.

average number of reps: 5.5

high roller: jimmer--who opened a can of seven-up on hillcrest.

random firsts: same-sex ass grab.

and, in an ingenious energy conservation strategy, mike martin actually parked his car in the middle of our hill. we barely made a dent in it though.