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Weekly Hill Workout: Iron Curtin

February 11, 2014

The Iron Curtin symbolizes the conflicting desire and physical limitations dividing today’s runners into 2 separate groups through the cold winter war of below freezing temperatures.  On either side of the Iron Curtin, runners have developed their own alliances of personal gratification of staying inside and have an overdeveloped case of post treadmill stress disorder.  Many runners were present to help demolish the Iron Curtain. Tom Cali and George Lesieutre showed up without their appropriate blacksmithing apparati and were unable to wage battle with the Iron Curtain, venturing on to Walmart to fight another day.  Meira Minard was apparently afraid of crucial conflicts and is presumed to be hiding in her attic, hopefully keeping a diary charting her nontraining.

Today was a day of victory, however,  as Bob Cornwall chipped away 3 not! ches of the Curtin St climb.  Although we would have been much more impressed with the requisite 4 repeats, but we’ll cut him some slack since he did put in work.  Jim Moore, Andy Maguire and Mike Martin did their fair share of attack - each netting 5 triumphant travels atop the hill.  But it was Ben Tolton, Emily Fertig and Mike Renz, who through blood, sweat, tears, and overall lack of sanity, showered the Curtin with an incomprehensible 6 repeats.  The Iron Curtain fell, along with its reigning totalitarian training program.  Hill Repeaters prevail, ready to conquer next week’s challenge…wherever it make take us.