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Weekly Hill Workout: The Great Escape

February 25, 2014

Imprisoned by their captive day to day activities and jobs, Andy Maguire, Tom Cali, Meira Minard, Mike Renz, and Ken Davis needed a way out before facing their demise known as the couch potato famine. With many obstacles blocking their path to freedom, like students, vehicles, laziness, seemingly never ending winter or far off springtime…they needed to devise a way to escape. The only thing that could possibly work was to hit the tunnel graciously dug out by their preceding brethren of captive fate. It was risky, but they knew what they had to do.

Ken Davis made it halfway to the tunnel before being spotted by the guards. In an effort to help the rest of the crew evade their captors and regain the freedom that was rightfully theirs, he unselfishly peeled off from the team of escapees, luring the guards away. No one has heard from him since, hopefully he made it back to camp unscathed.

It was the remaining fearsome four that made it through the tunnel only to face their next challenge: a hill. Not just any hill however, this hill was different. This hill is paved, secluded, covered from the wind, and pretty much ideal for a hill workout. And what a workout it was. Still moderately gassed from the long trudge to make it to the base of the hill, the fearsome four managed to scream up the hill like kids leaving school on the last day of the year (which will likely be around August 3rd for State College). Once at the peak, the team took a moment to reflect on what they had just accomplished and stare off into the freedom that lay ahead – Tom Cali was overly excited by this and took off into the sunset, leaving his tunneling peers still basking in the glory. The remaining ! trio had the grand idea of doing a few more repeats, including a new hill workout option: to do one UNrepeat of the hill, racing down it instead of just up. As they sped down the hill they were all almost stopped in their tracks – they had been followed. As they got closer they realized it was not a guard, but Jim Moore who had also managed to escape! Now back to a fantastic group of four, they attacked the hill together one last time, with most of the crew getting the requisite 4 repeats in before setting off for home, parting their separate ways within only a mere mile or two from the top of the hill. It was, in fact….a great escape.