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Weekly Hill Workout: Hill The Crest

March 4, 2014

Try climb the Crest
‘Cause you’re on a run
And runners gotta train to take it

Try to believe
Though the hills get rough
That you gotta climb hard to train it

Hills repeat themselves
Climb and you’ll succeed
Never doubt that you’ll scale it

And you can have your dreams!
Climb the Crest!  Repeat!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
Climb the Crest!  Again!
Nothing’s gonna stop you from training haaaard!

The Karate Kid was busy, so it was up to Mike Martin, Dean Capone, Jim Moore, Ben Tolton and Mike Renz to run some repeats on HillCrest Ave.  It’s a short steep hill, so they climbed it 6 times in total! Quite the tiring workout, but they persevered and knocked them out in quick succession. Small turnout for good weather. Hopefully, everyone was just on a short break from hill workouts. Marathons are just around the corner, and you’ll kick yourself later when you have no kick in the later miles of your race!