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Weekly Hill Workout: See You In Hill

March 18, 2014

Actually, I didn't see most of you in hill, but I was proud of the corrupt few who showed up to put themselves through it. The Road to Hill from Rec Hall was paved with Cali-man(fresh off his Californication adventure), Cornwall, and Mike the Martin (Georgie Lesieurethehillnotdoingthat resisted temptation and ran as far away from us as possible). At the top of the bike path we were greeted by "just for the hill of it" Casper and Judd the Michael (who was quite envious of my flashdance style off the shoulder t-shirt. Come to think of it, ever since he crossed over for the First Night race, he's developed quite a female fashion fetish...;)  Waiting for us at the depths of hill was Ben Tolton, my super-mOUnTaiNBACK-sub-stud. We headed back up the bike path for our first repeat, and then turned trail and went back down through the woods-at which point the mudruckers in the group (Ben, Mike and Mike, and me) did our second repeat back up the trail--and the suburban softies went back along the Toftrees Trail and did another repeat up the bike path. We met up back on the path, where Cali and Cornwall decided they had their fill of hill and continued on to run a little through town. After suffering a near fatal bramble encounter on the trails which left an almost visible scratch mark on his leg, Judd decided to stick to the bike path for the rest of his repeats. The rest of us went to hill and back five times total. At least Casper, Martin, and Judd did.  Benji Boy and I tacked on another hill up behind the arboretum at the end so that we could be the top hillraisers of the day.

I thought a not-so-cold day in hill might bring out a few others, but sadly, no. Just remember, hill hath no fury....