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Weekly Hill Workout: Curtin Call
Written by Mike Renz Mike Renz

March 25, 2014

Oh we find ourselves once again at Curtin St.
My legs still throbbing from the 6 repeats.
Will they get back to normal?  I think so.
Is this a great hill to workout on?  I think so.
So seemingly steep,  so seemingly long.
Hot it wasn’t today, cold…not so much either.
Love us some hills.  Find us more hills.
Me?  I love racing up hills.
Some others – not so much. Hill repeats like
Red, red roses.  Newly sprung this cold ass March.
Head back up that hill, then you’ll make more sense.

It was a springfully chilled day as Ben Tolton, Jim Moore, Meira Minard, Andy Maguire, Tom Cali, George Lesieutre, Dean Capone and Mike Renz red-headed to Overlook Heights to get in some hill repeats and some window peeping.  Tom and George forgot that today was hill repeat day, and merely hilled, but didn’t repeat.  The rest of the clan managed 6 repeats, with 1 spirited down-peat…which Meira “you’re not the boss of me” skipped since she was busy peering into the windows of every house along the street, looking for Mr Right, or was it Mr. Red? 

Join us next week, which will likely land us at the Grove hill – another grueling, but slightly shorter hill than Curtin.