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Weekly Hill Workout: See Saw, Run Ran
Written by Mike Renz Mike Renz

February 24, 2015

It was a brisk 1 degree temperature with a real feel of wtf-are-we-thinking as CJ Wagner, and Mikes Martin, Zimmerman and Renz decided to put their lungs to the test with a see-saw hill workout of the Sunset Park bike path and Curtin Rd hills. Renz had the definite early advantage with his seemingly endless supply of hot air contained within, but was quickly outrun by not-so-seemingly-injured Zimmerman as he effortlessly passed him on the second hill, and progressed further and further away up each subsequent hill.

5 total hills were seen and sawed. The chilled four-pack teeter tottered their way uphill while merrily chatting during the down-swings about pleasantries past and unpleasantries present. CJ decided enough was enough after 4 hill repeats and set off to put on some more flatlandish miles. The three mikesketeers decided to mark one more climb in the record books for the day before running off towards the already setting sun, attempting to get back indoors to warm up and prepare to fend off any more school delays or cancellations.