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Happy St. Fraser Day Hill Workout

March 17, 2015

It was a windy and green spring day, as the O’Runner family set out to attack a local neighborhood watering hill. Tom O’Cali, Leprechaun Weyandt and Celtic Cornwall joined in for the warmup but at the base of the hill remembered they needed to get back to Rec Hall so the kids wouldn’t steal Mike’s pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, and green clovers.

Once the Gaelic trio set off, a large group was still left to attend to the real pot of gold: the hill. Michael O’Martin, Alex MacWouden, Ken Davisohue, Marty Klanchaghan, Mike Zimmoreilly, Lance McBlandigan, John Wilcoxley, Mark Fedkenridge, Meira Mally Minard, Mark Leedy, and Mike Renzobrian scaled the Fraser street hill (fr! om Hamilton Ave to the Prospect Ave fire hydrant) until their potato famined legs could carry dem no more. The brawniest of the bunch managed at least 6 repeats. After a mere 5 repeats, this anglo-irish author couldn’t take anymore and agreed to stop like it was 1985. I can only guess/hope that they stopped after 6.

Until next week, when the hill workout finds its way to yet another obscure hill hiding in plain site in the immediate state college area!