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Weekly Hill Workout: The OrchardGate Scandal
Written by Mike Renz Mike Renz

March 24, 2015

It was high noon. A conspicuous time to be trotting around possibly forbidden territory. 5 men set out from Rec Hall with one task at hand: to get to the complex hill, and cover both up and down it. Running towards Orchard road, they found themselves upon a gravel path leading to a know hill, worthy of repeating. Their plan was almost thwarted by a lock gate. But not this fearless fivesome with a fervor for running freely. Mike Zimmerman, Mike Martin, Alex Wouden, Ken Davis, and Mike Renz haphazardly cased the scenario, feverously looking for wiretaps or recording equipment, or even a no trespassing sign. The coast seemed clear so they scaled the gate to get to hill repeating, in what only can deemed the OrchardGate Scandal.

The crew of five made it to the base of the hill to find yet another locked gate. They were trapped! Not wanting to risk yet another gate scaling, they began their hill repeat not from the very bottom of the hill, but close enough at the almost bottom. Upon reaching the crest of the hill, a guard was there awaiting their arrival. Oh no!, they gasped….but it was Judd Michael…showing up from nowhere, ready to climb some hills with the group.

Wanting to evade any real trouble, they decided to scale the other two inclined arteries that branched off from the main path. But 2/3 up the second climb, their plot had seemingly been foiled yet again. Thankfully this was yet another latecomer, Mark Fedkin, eager to catch up to the hill climbing group. Feeling free from possible imprisonment, and seeing no reason to resign from the hills, the group! did another couple repeats. Davis and Wouden even did an extra repeat for good measure with the late comers as the trio of Mikes set off to launder their running trail. We can only hope that these transcripts are not released…else our running positions could be at risk. Let’s only hope the media is fair, and may we be pardoned for any inadvertent wrongdoings.