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Weekly Hill Workout: Rocked That Top
Written by Mike Renz Mike Renz

March 31, 2015

In what promises to be the last day of snow in March, a fearless headbanging (or banging their head against this stupid weather) bunch of hill repeating groupies set out to find a hill to rock up and roll down. Today’s setlist was for Rocky Top road, which drummed up ample interest for a decent sized gropu on a lousy weathered day. Alex “The Godfather of Sole” Wouden, Ben “The Prince of Cankles” Tolton, Mike “The Coldest Running Man in Snow Business” Zimmerman, Mike “I just want to be in a hair band” Renz, Mike “The King of R&B (running & beerfest)” Martin, Seth “The Boss (of no one)” Senior, and Bob “The Elder City Madman” Cornwall all showed up pick in hand ready to strum.

After conquering the hill thrice, the groupies attention span was dwindling and most everyone was ready to go home. Just then, Meira “Princess of Pop(ped ankles, hamstrings, bunions, knees, or whatever she happens to have ailing at the moment)” Minard showed up for an encore performance, forcing Senior, Renz, and Tolton to do a pity-peat or two with her. Five was enough for this band leader, and I set off on my merry way back to work….but Meira swore on all things rock-n-roly that she would complete at least 4 more hill repeats before dropping the mic. We can only assume that this actually took place.