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Weekly Hill Workout: Hill Workouts Aren’t Over
Written by Mike Renz Mike Renz

April 7, 2015

It was overly and overtly overcast as over 8 runners set out over lunchtime to scale over a hill, in some amount over 4 times, while trying not to overwork or overexert themselves into a state of overtiredness…else their run would be over. In search of a hill workout that involved a little bit of variation, the crew set their sights on the bike path next to the high school + Gill Street.

Lance Bland, Jim Meyers, Andrew Maguire, Andrew Webb, Mike Zimmerman, Mike Martin, Seth Senior, Alex Wouden, Mark Fedkin, and Mike Renz all trudged up and down the hill multiple times. The called workout involved 1 path-only climb, 1 path+gill hill climb, 2 path-only climbs, and lastly 1 path+gill hill climb. A trying hill workout especially on the repeats involving the Gill hill sin! ce there is a long flat spot between the climbs to help rob your energy. Bob Cornwall, Tom Cali, Peter Dunnohislastname and one other fearful hill non-runner joined the group to the bottom of the hill, but continued on away from the hill workout in what could only be diagnosed as hillwussyitis, or marathon tapering…you decide.

Mike Martin decided just a measly hill workout was not a high enough effort, so he plopped the workout into the middle of a 11 mile long run. Mike Casper the running ghost also partook in the hill workout and completed 5 full path+gill hill repeats, although no one could see him since he’s invisible, or because he got there late since work got in his way. And Meira Minard, unable to join us for the workout, sent in her Mom as a hill workout correspondent to make sure we were still completing our regimen. Spring marathon and racing season is upon us runners….if you want to hit those PRs, you gotta hit those hills first!