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Weekly Hill Workout: Cinco de Cerro
Written by Mike Renz Mike Renz

May 5, 2015

On this humid but not as hot as yesterday, the Cinco de Mayo shout-out was a cinco of repeats up Grove Hill. Grove Hill is a lovely new addition to hill regimens, a nice decently steep climb from the Toftrees Trail to The Grove student housing, which makes a turn for the steeper about 2/3 of the way up to create a very trying finishing kick to complete a repeat. Dean Capone pretended like he would join but became a no-show. Adam Ilgen, Ken Davis, and Allison Machnicki ran to the hill with the group but were a cero. John Domico mechanically inclined himself up the hill as an uno. Andrew Maguire (one week off a 2:58 marathon) Mike Martin (2 days off of a 1:06 10-miler), Mike Zimmerman and Judd Michael all managed to do repeats in trio. Yours truly was the uno sicko to do the full cinco, although very slow or not at all pronto.

The temps are rising, the spring marathons are dwindling, the summer is coming. Get those hill repeats in now before the 80+ degree and 80% humidity makes it completely painful, although we’ll still punish ourselves throughout the summer months with this lovely hill workouts! Come join in on the fun!