Written by Mike Renz Mike Renz

July 21, 2015

It was a typically muggy day in central Pennsylvania, but something was different. Something was off. Scary even. The group was zombie-like as they left Rec Hall. Kids on campus shuddered and crossed the street as the crew ran towards them. Everyone had devolved into something monsterous-like. Seth Senior had crashed hard and face first on a trail, but rather than be put back together better, faster and stronger like the $6million man, he was forced to see the first available doctor: Dr. Victor Frankenstein.

Not wanting Seth Frankenstein Senior to be the only horror-quality runner for today’s hill workout, he was joined by Mike Jekyll Martin, Mike Hyde Zimmerman, Costas Dracula Maranas, Alex The Fly Wouden, Adam Hannibal Ilgen, Rich Leatherface Harter, Tom Jaws Cali, CJason Vorhees Wagner, Bob Norman Bates Shaver, Judd Michael Myers, Meira Bride of Chucky Minard and Mike Werewolf Renz. In hopes of not scaring any small children, everyone slithered, crawed, limped, and hobbled far away to Porter Road to tackle the deathly climb from College Ave to Curtin Rd…one of the longest sustained climbs within a mile or two of Rec Hall.

Given the heat, the distance from Rec Hall starting point, and the loss of blood, plasma, limbs, and brains…the repeat # was low today: with a good chunk of the crew only attaining 2 repeats. Everyone did the entire climb from College to Curtin first. It was The Fly and Hannibal who were scary enough to attack the entire climb more than once. A chunk of dysfunctional boogeymen completed the tri-fecta of each version of climb available on this two tiered hill. Given enough tubs-o-popcorn, gummy bears, and ! troughs of pepsi products, the hill workout group should be able to face humanity again next week as we run up and down some more hills, somewhere, and some pace, under some duress, causing some heavy breathing and some increased potential for some upcoming races as some point in time.