Written by Mike Zimmerman Mike Zimmerman

July 28, 2015

In his stead, he called on a backup Mike to lead the charge up the Gill Street Hill.  With the cat away, Mike "Stuart Little" Zimmerman led a group of Mouseketeers to embark on another grueling workout.  Joined by Tom & "Jerry" Cali, Jo "Minnie Mouse" Ohm, Alex "Speedy Gonzalez" Wouden, Michael "Fievel" Goldfine, CJ "Mickey Mouse" Wagner, Alfredo "Mighty Mouse" Ramirez, Bob "Danger Mouse" Cornwall and Rob "Itchy" Shaver the group headed out to earn our cheese for the day.  The group was met by "Pinky and the Brain" - Adam Ilgen (who had done some repeats prior to our arrival) and Mark Fedkin who were eager to join the group!

Inspired by the leadership change, everyone stayed for the entire hill workout which included four continuous bike path hill repeats followed by the full hill repeat to the top of Gill Street before we said goodbye to Pinky and the Brain and headed back to Rec Hall for our cheese to reward us for our hard work.

Until next week, when Garfield Renz returns to lead the group and uninspire Tom & "Jerry" Cali and Danger Mouse Cornwall away from the hills again.