Written by Tara Murray Tara Murray

July 13, 2010

A huge crowd converged on Rocky Top Lane yesterday. Whether it was to sneak in one last hill workout with outgoing Hill Queen Tara, to celebrate the beginning of the reign of Hill Queen Meira, or to give me a challenge in writing this report was not clear. I counted 21 runners, and most even did the whole hill workout. In fact, the group got so into it that when Tom decided four was in fact not enough and suggested running up the hill one more time to return to Rec Hall by the scenic route, we all followed him.

I'm sure that I won't remember everyone who was there today, but the group included Hill Queen Meira Minard, the ageless Tom Cali, Libby Covelli, John Domico, Randy Jeppson, Costas Maranas, Jonathan Thurley, Judd Michael, Joel Niemann, Rob Shaver, Kevin Becker, Rob Peterson, Bob Cornwall, Andy Arndt, Mark Lee, Dana Todd, ... and several people whose names are not coming to me at the moment. (Sorry! I blame the going-away party my office threw for me on Monday.)

Thank you everyone for all the company on the hill workouts for the last few years. While I love hills enough to run them on my own in Bellefonte, they won't be nearly as fun without you all. (But of course I will still see you all at races and on weekend runs.)