Written by Meira Minard Meira Minard

July 20, 2010

The skies cleared and the sun began beating down just in time for today's noon-time hill workout.  A nice surprise was waiting when I arrived at Rec Hall, Esther Prins with her daughter Lilly.  Lilly has beautiful golden curls, which several of our follically challenged regulars were eyeing wistfully, as well as our female runner, a dishwater blonde who now relies on "chemical" color enhancer.  Esther and Lilly (in the jogging stroller) joined Rob Bundro, Tom Cali, Randy Jepson, Adam Smith, John Domico, George Lesieutre, and Tom Hilands and me as we set out on our warm-up loop.  I was glad to be dressed in tropical garb as we were heading straight into the jungles of the PSU golf course.  Banter (and more than a little sweat from Jepson and Domico's heads) was flying, absolutely none of it relating whatsoever to the Mengel/Cali saga, because laughing at Cali's expense is not in the LEAST bit fun.   At all.  Instead, we talked about Cali's new nickname--Calidonna (loosely translated that means "girly-man").  The club has long felt that Cali's personality is big enough to support a single-name moniker, and we've finally found the perfect one!  Move over Madge!

Anyway, back to the very serious business of hills.  When we arrived at the bottom of the Park Ave Hill (after going the long way around, and hoping there would only be time for one hill at the most by the time we got there), we were greeted by all sorts of running buddies--Jim Myers (sporting a "Wild and Crazy" tie-dye, but no tight pants or medallions), Jon Oatley (who I didn't recognize without his sunglasses...silly American blonde!), and Mark Lee.   John Sheakoski and Bob Chandler were posted at the top of the hill to make sure that everyone knew exactly where to end their repeats--apparently the bike path sign is the designated marker--and they were kind enough to let a few of us off with just a warning--THIS time.    And Dana Todd, Kirk Rager, and Jim Laudermilch ran by--not sure if they put in some hills or not--but I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt!   We did the requisite four--which is all we could muster without Tara of the Hill People there to inspire us.  Actually, I think some of the over-achieving satellite group did more than four, but I didn't get exact tallies.  
Anyway, as a bonus after the hills, we did an extended cool down to the Palmer Art Museum, where Calidonna showed us a magical and magnificent lighting effect cast by the Giant Paws out front, which has been handed down through the NVRC generations.  However, it did leave me feeling kind of flat.....