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Weekly Hill Workout: No Frills, Just Hills
Written by Meira Minard Meira Minard

August 30, 2010

Sorry to disappoint my loyal readers, but this week's edition of the Hill Report will be short and sweet (unlike the hill we ran today) as I have way too much work due tomorrow that I haven't started yet.  However, I definitely need to acknowledge those kick-ass runners who took part in today's group agony session.  My Rec Hall counterparts included Kevin Becker, Rob Shaver, Jim Moore, Mike Weyandt, Jonathan Thurley, Costas Maranas, Bob Cornwall, and Esther Prins (and several others who got "lost" along the way).  Judd Michael, Jim Myers, Rob Peterson, Kim Nelson, Matt Soccio and Bwana-- on his bicycle built for two--all met up with us once we reached Four Hills.  Today marked the end of the Rob Shaver era (which will resume next May when he returns from his annual Winnipeg migration), and the triumphant and somewhat tender beginning of Marty's return to running (The Mart-man Climbeth!).   Today's goal was 4x4 Hills, and since we were already hot and bothered by the time we arrived at the hill, we were all pretty much fried and exhausted by the time we were done.  That's pretty much it.  No glaring wardrobe malfunctions, fake foam inserts,  or "key" moments to report!

Hope to see some of you at this Thursday evening's discovery run for another uphill battle....