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Weekly Hill Workout: "Unpaved"
Written by Meira Minard Meira Minard

September 13, 2010

"Unpaved"--The Incredible True Story of One Group's Battle Against Gravity and Gravel

It was a picture-perfect running day (only slightly marred by the appearance of George Lesieutre in his short-shorts--George served notice that Costas has some worthy competition in the indecent exposure department.  Costas may need to break out his cut-offs next week.....)  While many joined in on the run over to hillville, only a select few stayed on for the main event.  We shall remember them by name:  Kevin Becker, Mike Weyandt, Jim Moore, and Tom Cali (who reached all new levels of masochism by incorporating this workout into part of his long run).  They were met at the hill by Marty Mazur, Rob Peterson, and Kim Nelson--all loyal Hillites. The crew bravely risked life, lung, and limb during their four rocky repeats, and many a shoe was filled with stones.  You may wonder....what brings these runners back, week after week, to wage this uphill battle?  In the immortal words of my home-girl's "The Climb".  Because "there's always gonna be another mountain...."