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Weekly Hill Workout: A Day or Two Late and Some Longer Shorts
Written by Meira Minard Meira Minard

September 20, 2010

Okay--all this coloring and pasting and days of the week singing is really wearing me out-- (not to mention the chasing down of AWOL kids)!  Anyway, I can deliver my report whenever-ish I darn well please!!!! 

So, a modestly clad group of runners, including Jim Moore, Jonathan Thurley, Costas Maranas, Bob Cornwall, and Tom Cali, set out from Rec Hall for some nice, light, recovery hills.  Tom and I had a little hitch in our giddy-up from the Dam Half, and Moore and Sheakoski (who met us at the hill) had joggied up and down legs 9 and 10 of the MTB the day before.  I'm not sure what Costas's excuse was though.  Rob Peterson, Judd Michael, and Jim Myers also rendezvoused with us out at the golf course.  Rendezvoused....that word just looks plain wrong.  Major Mazel Tov goes out to Cornwall for actually partaking of all four hills!!!!  Now if he could only run on more than one leg.....