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Weekly Hill Workout: Rainy Days and Mondays
Written by Meira Minard Meira Minard

September 27, 2010

It was a dreary, drizzly day as Costas Maranas, Bob Cornwall, Jim Moore, and I set out from Rec Hall. Traband and Cali arrived late--looking quite spiffy in their "business casual" attire (I couldn't decide if Mark's shirt was 'apricot' or 'cantelope')--and caught up with us out at the hill--which--as most of you now know after the fact--was Sunset Park (I'm getting a little dash-happy--in case you haven't noticed---Marty--?)

Anyway, I was just along to keep the crew honest--I had to take a knee once we arrived at the hill.  I'm hoping my witch doctor can exorcise whatever demons are haunting my patella.  Cornwall and Maranas did three repeats, Moore (in taper mode for Wineglass this weekend) did a half, and though i was leaving by the time they arrived, Traband and Cali promised to do a few too. 

I'm hoping to not be quite so kneedy next week!