November 1, 2010

It was a cool, blustery day--the perfect day to take your windmill for a spin. A well-formed group of individuals including Tom Cali, Jonathan Thurley, Jim Moore, John Domico, Ken Davis, Dean Capone, Mike Renz and Baby-Face Weyandt blew out of Rec Hall and hauled tail to the Valley of the Hills. Davis, his pockets full of sand, expressed serious displeasure at the excessive display of speed during the warm-up. The group traded stories about the past weekend's extracurricular activities, or at least what they could remember about them. (I kept my tales of grocery shopping, lesson planning, laundry folding, and seltzer drinking to myself). When we reached our destination, Marty Mazur, John Sheakoski, Lance Bland, and Kim Nelson were already logging their hills. So were a few elderly joggers and a cyclist that fell victim to our hard-charging group of hill bandits. As I started up the first hill I heard the firing of twin turbines in the background. Then, whoosh!!!! Davis flew by me like a pinwheel on fire with sand flying everywhere. When I finally dragged myself to the top, he was still buzzing. The other side of the see-saw was apparently not hill enough for Davis, who extended his repeats much further in order to get his fill. His inspiring performance today has earned him my vote for next semester's Hill King, since I will be a full-time kindergartner in the spring. Charlottesville doesn't have any hills, does it?