Written by Meira Minard Meira Minard

November 15, 2010

Ok--I realize that hills are so *four days ago*, but I wanted to make sure that my hillsters got the credit they deserve--or else my faithful followers may decide not to "re-up" when the next hill workout rolls around. 

A nice-thighed group set out from Rec Hall--Jim Moore, John Domico, Tom Cali, Tom Karnezos, Bob Cornwall, Julie Grubb, and Tom Hillands, Costas Maranas, and Mark Traband--and headed out over the IST bridge for a warm-up along the golf course.  However, when it came time to turn toward the Hill Du Jour, there was a sharp division among the ranks.  The thinning of the herd left Moore, Domico, Cali, and Karnezos as my H-list celebrities.  However, when we got to Hill Central, we found several other H-listers: Jim Myers, Lance Bland,  Joel Niemann (who already had a couple of hills under his drawstring) and Matt Degges, already there.  We opted for the Corl St. see-saw (Park Ave Hill on one side, golf course path paralleling Teaberry Ridge on the other).  We plodded through two of those circuits.  Cornwall, Grubb, Hilands, and Traband made a reappearance on our last Park Ave Hill, and get credit for a high-quality rep. Cornwall even re-enlisted with the group and ran the last Teaberry hill as well.  We finished off with a loop around the golf course where we consoled Calidonna on the lack of respect he's been receiving lately.  Don't test this man's knowlege--especially when it comes to female sports!