Written by Meira Minard Meira Minard

November 29, 2010

Ahhh...Monday hills.  Is there a better way to kick-off the week?  Apparently so, since the majority of you were spending your lunch hour elsewhere yesterday.  However, a hard-core group of runners went hunting for hills and got-er done. The proud few were headlined by the Commish (occasionally know as John Sheakoski), who ran all the way from ARL's satellite campus to join us and then back out again.  Supporting cast members included Jim Moore and Costas Maranas (who was man enough to offer me the hairband off his own head!).  Mark Traband and Tom Hilands provided us with an escort out to the hills (we're kind-of celebrities around campus....I heard a signed print of the Thursday track-crew studs from the Town and Gown photoshoot was auctioned off for 15 grand at the CVIM benefit dinner!).  Mark and Tom led us up the first hill of the see-saw into Overlook Heights and then disappeared into the wild gray yonder.  Kim Nelson met us out at the hill, sporting her hill-hunter orange blazer.  We tracked down two see-saws before we ran out of ammo.  Judd Michael joined us for the last hill, and was disappointed that Ken wasn't there to run umpteen more hills with him.  We did run into Ken on the way back to Rec Hall. He was gimping along, his knee having suddenly seized up on him that morning.  I think the devil's just collecting what Ken sold him before the MTB.

Anyway, even though I clumped through the workout, I'm still seriously considering donating my body to science and starting over.  Although,  word has it that there's a women's roller derby team starting up in at least I have that to fall back on if this whole running thing doesn't work out.....