Written by Meira Minard Meira Minard

December 13, 2010

It was the perfect day to run hills--cool, sunny, with intermittent blasts of arctic wind.  Or perhaps it was the perfect day to "forget" your running shoes. Or maybe, it was the perfect day to sit back within the cozy confines of your office and critique a workout that you had no intention of taking part in.   Those quality individuals who did partake (some required more convincing than others) included Jim Moore, Dave Aggler, Tom Cali, Bob Cornwall, and John Domico.

Cali livened up our run by unleashing his patented "mini-burst" on every uphill, so that by the time we reached the site, we were completely warmed up/extremely exhausted.  Perhaps our Tom-Tom was trying to take his mind off the fact that Min has migrated back south--we miss you Martha--and your graphic tales of runs past!  Or maybe Tom was trying to silence that Aggler kid--he never shuts up!  Either way, we were George and Wheezy by the time we reached BAYberry and BLUe Course.  I was hoping Tom would pass around his inhaler so we could all have a hit, but as per usual, he forgot it.  Lance Bland, Jim Myers, Matt (the Flying Dutchman) Degges, Mike Renz, and John Sheakoski were already there--having already done a mitten-full of repeats.  

I think this workout established that a hill does indeed exist at this location--despite what the haters claimed.  And I hope a valuable lesson was learned: **people who sit in soft office chairs should not throw snowballs**