January 4, 2011

It was clear and sunny for the first (and probably the last) hill workout of the year.  Everyone was in a Rush Rush to get out of Rec Hall, so much so that they left their lame duck hill leader behind (of course, I've always been a little behind, haven't I?) Despite this being my farewell tour--most of my flat-weather friends took off for the gamelands (Cold Hearted Snakes!) My remaining three amigos, Jim Moore, Mike Renz, and Mike Weyandt accompanied me to base camp at the corner of Hamilton and Fraser.  Renz was a little disturbed when he saw that we would be running past the Purple House (he must not be a Dr. Seuss fan), but he managed to overcome his aversion. I was just planning on doing more of a hill workout simulation, but with Scrappy Doo along and Renz shooting for 6 repeats, I was dragged into an uphill battle. Lance Bland and Jim Myers showed up, as did Adam Smith (who is getting way too fast, BTW--I hate it when the student becomes the teacher!!!)  While fairly short, the hill is brutally steep, especially the last stretch.  The workout was made even more difficult by the fact that it was hard to find a comfortable focal point amongst all those men in tights. We managed to grind out our six repeats, after which we ran an extended cool-down loop through my old 'hood.  We even stopped to say "Hi!" to my Mommy and Daddy (only Daddy was home, Mommy was doing a sweep of Zeno's on her way to work...)

Well, my Paula Abdul tribute seems to have fallen by the wayside.  But wait, I can redeem myself!  Next week will bring the Promise of a New (Mon)Day, as I will no longer be harassing you all into hills.  Try to keep my spirit alive, and remember, I'm Forever Your (Hill) Girl!

[Note: It will be harder to find a "substitute teacher" while Meira is away learning to teach than it was to replace Hill Queen Tara Murray when she took a job in Bellefonte. But if you think you have the stuff and would like to lead the lunchtime group on a Weekly Hill Workout, let me know and I'll post whatever reports or updates you offer. The Weekly Hill Work Workout can be on any day except Thursday!  - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ]