January 17, 2010

I accidentally hit return after typing in the subject on the last message, and contemplated just leaving it at that.  You know, 'enough said' kind of thing.  But that wouldn't be fair to the few brave-hearted souls who battled the hills with me today.  Instead of warpaint, these soldiers wore tights, which was just as (if not more) intimidating!  Although quite a sizeable crew set out from Rec Hall, when it came time to separate the tuff from the fluff, only Jim Moore and Jonathan Thurley chose the high road.  We headed over to the Park Ave hill, and ran into none other than the Martin of the Mazurs and John Wilcock.  John has a slow year planned, only a few HALF-Ironmans (what a slacker!).  Our regiment was made complete by the arrival of Judd the Studd Michaels, whom I tried to run over as he was climbing Orchard on his bike this morning (he was wearing Lakers colors--I couldn't help myself!!!)

So, we managed to make three charges up the hill.  Enemies were scarce, although a biker bandit rode by and managed to divide the ranks a bit.  The trash can full of dog crap was also pretty threatening....

I guess I'll have to wait a little longer between visits, as today wasn't quite the "hill-coming" i was envisioning.  Or maybe i'll just conduct surprise inspections periodically (incognito of course).  Was that a squirrel that just ran by?  Or something else.....?