Written by Mike Casper Mike Casper

May 24, 2011

Spontaneity (or zero planning) has its virtues. Today’s advance hill discussion was a single FYI sent out less than half an hour before noon. Though not calculated this way, this boosted my chances of running solo hills on the path behind the high school. Thus I focused on nature and how I felt and not on shrinking figures climbing ahead of me. I’m just getting into speed and hills again after months off, so rep speed is a very relative term. The water gizmos at the revamped pool across Westerly Parkway were all gushing away for one or two onlookers – and of course to get all the drivers-by talking and planning for the grand opening. To optimize climb time and minimize flats, I stuck with just the pathway ascent, leaving off the flat yardage to Westerly as well as the flat-ish macadam between the path and the next bumps of road. This allowed the climb and recovery times to be nearly similar, while the climbs felt better and better and got faster. I did 11. The path went from mostly wet to mostly dry in 30 minutes, just from the heat of two feet.

So, no aspersions to cast, but I do wonder who else was making multiple ascents somewhere . . .

[Note: Judd Michael and Jon Oatley did another impromptu hill workout on Park Ave... -Ed.]